Precise and contemporary diagnostics

Your legs contain 34 (17 in each leg) different veins. In order to select the right treatment method, it is necessary to identify precisely which vein is affected, how long, in what diameter, as well as numerous other nuances. For this, versatile and accurate diagnostics are required.

During the diagnostic process, the patient does not experience any pain or discomfort. The process is not only safe and harmless, but can be performed on both pregnant women and young children.

It all begins with obtaining precise information about the client's situation, respecting his or her confidentiality. A visual inspection of the legs will then be conducted, if necessary - touching suspicious places. Due to the fact that only 15% of veins are visible to the eye, while the remaining 85% lie deeper within the tissues, diagnosis is conducted using an ultrasonograph. Both the condition of the veins and the blood flow in the blood vessels are assessed, which gives the full name of the method is Duplex US its name. During diagnosis, all blood vessels in the legs are examined including arteries, deep veins and superficial veins. This examination is always performed in an upright position, using a phlebological table to ensure that the patient is comfortable standing with support.

After the overall picture has been ascertained, a detailed treatment plan is developed. In our clinic, diagnostics, the treatment plan is drawn up and treatment is conducted by the same doctor. The renowned Belgian phlebologist Alain Colignon once memorably observed that a phlebologist who does not perform sonography himself is akin to the blind pilot of an airplane who has to land an aircraft. He is bound to fail.

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