Dr. Arnolds Kadišs is a surgeon and phlebologist with over 20 years of experience performing clinical work.

Right from his days as a student, he worked in the Gaiļezers Admissions Department to get as much professional experience as possible. After graduation, for many years he worked in Stradiņš Hospital’s Surgery Department, performing operations ranging from the simplest to the most challenging. Parallel to this, he trained at the renowned Berlin clinic Charite as the first member of the state-delegated group of liver transplant doctors.

Alongside his work as a doctor, for many years he has worked as a lecturer at Riga Stradiņš University Surgery Department, after defending his dissertation he was appointed as an assistant professor. In recent years, he has mostly taught foreign students. Besides teaching surgery, he was the first at RSU to teach the fundamentals of modern phlebology.

He was also involved in the founding of the Outpatient Surgery Centre at Stradiņš Hospital, where he organised a modern venous care system, ranging from a globally accepted type of diagnostics, through to offering modern treatment methods and a preventive algorithm. He was worked at Dr. Mauriņš’ Vein Center right from the outset, performing about 500 vein operations a year.

Dr. Kadišs continually improves his knowledge and gives scientific lectures at phlebology events in Europe, the United States and Australia, and has attended all the world’s phlebology congresses that have taken place over the past 12 years, including the industry's primary forum, the American College of Phlebology Annual Congress. In addition, he has addressed congresses in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Poland.

Dr. Kadišs is one of the specialists, who have developed the European Union’s latest recommendations regarding vein care, and is an active member of the Baltic Society of Phlebology. By regularly taking part in professional forums with theoretical presentations and practical demonstrations of operations and procedures, he has attained international renown and is regularly invited as a guest lecturer to phlebology events in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus. During the congress that took place in St. Petersburg prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the innovative microsurgical approach to vein removal practically demonstrated by Dr. Kadišs attracted widespread attention in the Russian medical community.

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