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More than 15 years of experience in taking care of vascular health and aesthetics.
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Personal responsibility
All our clients can rest assured that the health of his veins will be in safe hands. The diagnosis, treatment plan and implementation, along with control visits and preventive examinations are performed by a doctor who knows each client and the client’s individual situation. Our clients receive evidence-based treatment in order to attain optimal results.
  • Practical experience attained through the performance of 500 venous surgeries per year
  • Extensive professional knowledge acquired over the course of 20 years of daily work
  • The talent to explain a complex problem simply and thoroughly honed through his work as a lecturer
We restore the beauty of legs
91% of the population have the most typical problem encountered in phlebology, i.e. a network of tiny blue veins in the skin of one’s feet. This is not a disease, but a visual defect that gives rise to emotional discomfort and reduces one’s quality of life. However, there is a solution to this problem in the form of a simple sclerotherapy procedure during which veins are closed through the injection of a special medicine into a vein with a needle. This medicine is quickly absorbed and vanishes.
We alleviate discomfort and pain
Varicose veins initially manifest themselves in the form of swelling and fatigue in the legs. If the problem is not resolved, skin and subcutaneous changes, pain and, with the progression of the disease, persistent ulcers develop. The sooner the problem is tackled, the more effective the treatment process will be. Depending on the diagnosis of type of venous varicose veins, laser surgery, laser procedures, US-controlled sclerotherapy, and combinations of these methods are used.
We treat problems that have not yet come to light
At first, dilated veins do not trouble the patient, despite the fact that they are often already visible. In order to prevent varicose veins from taking hold to the point where irreversible changes in the leg tissue occur, if you notice dilated veins, you should consult a specialist and undergo a sonographic examination. Treatment in the early stages of venous disease is less traumatic, simpler, more effective and less expensive.
Precise and contemporary diagnostics
The human leg contains 34 veins, 15% of which are visible to the eye, while the remaining 85% lie deep within tissues. Versatile and accurate diagnostics are required into order to choose the right treatment method. At our clinic, we use the very latest vein diagnostic equipment and technologies. However, crucially, the client’s individual situation is evaluated by a doctor who will care for you right until the end of the treatment process.
The price of the treatment course is determined after the first consultation.
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Laser procedures not just operations
The very latest type of vein surgery isn’t a surgical, but rather a minimally invasive method, laser ablation. The method is based on a high level of evidence and has become the industry’s gold standard. It is essentially a procedure, not an operation. No special preparation is required on the part of the patient, the procedure results in minimal trauma and the traces of stitches heal in a couple of days. After the laser procedure, the patient can resume daily activities, walk, run or ride a bicycle immediately. There are no special restrictions.
The price of the treatment course is determined after the first consultation.
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“Our country has no minerals - our strongest resource is highly educated minds.”
— Dr. Kadišs

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